Contrary to everything you might have heard about “hard jail time” the beds in these cells are as comfy as any to be found anywhere. Same with the bathroom, completely furnished with the modern conveniences. You can take authenticity only so far. So, for a geninely unique twist on a vacation, the local jail is open for lodging business.

You don’t even have to be really naughty to experience the amenities available in our replica of an actual western jail house, and of course you can come and go as you please. After all, for your getaway there are some awesome trails to do some hard riding on out there in the surrounding mountains!

It’s absolutely unbelievable!

If you’ve ever been an old west movie buff, this is the opportunity to “star” in your own western show! Bring your friends. Bring your family. Play out your “western script” in real life, complete with a jail break-out scene and a horseback chase through the surrounding mountains.

The story – YOUR STORY – literally comes to life in this sleepy little mountain town in Montana – the 1880’s Ranch!

You will also find that for all appearances, we didn’t skimp on the amenities here either: bathrooms, comfortable beds, a good night’s rest…. You will be pleasantly surprised!

So make your vacation plans
now for the:

1880’s Ranch

Phone: (406) 491-2336
1600 North Cable Road 
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